Pricing Structure

Nottingham 48

Hull, either Nottingham or Canterbury, single colour 150

Hull in a two tone finish (Nottingham only) +25

Ballast and trim weight 50

Rudder pack (Rudder and fittings) 50

Internal woodwork with stand 65

Deck 65

Hatches 50

Lifty 25

Nottingham 60

Hull, single colour 250

Hull in a two tone finish +35

Rudder pack (Rudder and fittings) 60

Internal woodwork with stand 95

Deck 95

Hatches 60

The complete kits are supplied with a number of miscellaneous parts including mast tube and small brass screws.

Collection is best in person if you are in the UK but for overseas customers I can pack and post but this is expensive, not just because of the cost of the courier but also the cost of packaging. If you let me have your full address I can confirm a price for you.

I am based in Nottingham but travel on a regular basis to North London, and also Newcastle if meeting in these locations is more convenient.

When posting a Nottingham 48 kit I will send two parcels, a smaller box containing the ballast and a larger one with the hull, rudder and woodwork etc. Posting poses its own risks and if the ballast were in the same box as the hull and were to break free it would damage the hull.

If you want to place an order I only require your confirmation by email. If the colour scheme is something "standard" then payment can be on collection, if your colour scheme is a bit more "unusual" I will ask for a deposit.

Payment can be by cash on collection, or cheque or bank transfer prior to collection.

To complete a Nottingham 48 you will need a sail winch/arm and rudder servo, budget about £40 and a pack of deck fittings and rig. I don't supply these and suggest Peter Wiles of PJ Sails but the specifications for the Bermuda rig are in the section headed Canterbury Rules. Peter has the specifications for the gaff rig but if you want to use another sailmaker or make your own sails the dimensions are within the section headed "Build Manuals."

To complete a Nottingham 60 you will need a sail winch and sail arm and rudder servo, budget about £65 and a pack of deck fittings and rig. Peter Wiles has the specifications for both the bermuda and gaff rigs for the 60 but if you prefer to use another sail maker or make the sails yourself the dimensions are within the section headed "Build Manuals."

If you have any questions then don't hesitate to contact me by email or phone.

International Dragon

At the time of publishing this website the International Dragon is not ready for sale (Hmm...there's a pun there somewhere!) But I anticipate launching the model (oops...another pun!) toward the end of 2021.

I intend to offer the model as a "ready to run" except for the transmitter and receiver unless requested (I assume most skippers will have their own?) The cost of the model, set up and ready to go will be around the £2000 mark and if you are interested in one for yourself then get in touch, at least to register your interest with me. You will be under no obligation but as this model will be available in limited numbers only, you will be on the list!

I may also produce this model in a kit form so if you are interested in this option then it would also be useful if you could register your interest in the kit version.