Gaff Rig

I like both the 48 and 60 in their gaff rigs but in honesty, bigger is better! There is no practical difference in the two models with the exception of size, and of course weight. They are both pretty but the bigger model has more "presence" on the lake.

This is not a very good picture but it does illustrate the similarities in the 48 and 60 gaff models.

This is my gaff 60 and you will note the additional deck fittings to accommodate the two foresails and two pairs of shrouds. Internally the bermuda and gaff hulls are the same, and on both I use a second sail arm that intercepts the sheeting to the foresails which allows the slot to be adjusted on the water. It does make a difference and also adds another dimension to the sailing experience.

This is the view into the rudder hatch. I made all the parts for this model in brass which I then polished and have recently lacquered to preserve the finish.

This is the view into the main hatch. The sheeting loop is in yellow cord, mainsail sheet in blue cord and the foresail sheets in red and green. The lower sail arm controls the jib slots.

This picture shows the fore deck in more detail. Using jib racks gives adjustment not for sail efficiency but to give a better look to the sails on the water.

I incorporated a Lifty in this build but its fitted forward of the centre of gravity so i need to hold the stern as she comes out of the water for stability.