Nottingham 60

Nottingham 60

This model is similar to the 48 in design but bigger. The overall length is 60 inches (1525mm), the beam is 10 1/4 inches (260mm) and the displacement is 30lb (13.5kg). Internally there is a sail winch which controls both the mainsail and the jib however a second servo can be used to intercept the sheeting to the jib, adjusting the travel and so allowing the skipper to adjust the jib slot on the water.

The design of the 60 gave me the opportunity to start with a fresh blank sheet. I wanted to create a model closer to the original with a similar relationship between length and draft and also a fuller sail area. In order to achieve this, and a model that sails well I flared the lower forward part of the keel to get more lead into the hull, lower down. The flare is not immediately obvious but moves about 4kg of lead lower into the hull and so the model can handle an increase in the sail area.

The model is supplied in kit form and as with the 48 the hull can be supplied in a single colour or as a two tone with matching rudder.

The internal woodwork and stand are supplied in a laser cut sheet with the parts numbered and which will need to be stained/varnished before fitting. Some minor sanding will be necessary to match the curvature of the hull and obtain a good fit. There is more internal woodwork than the 48 to brace the hull and the hull should be carefully measured before the woodwork is finally glued into place.

The deck is supplies as a single 1.6mm ply sheet with laser etched plank detail and with a deeper etch to the king plank and outer plank to allow for a contrasting stain without bleeding.

The hatches are also laser cut and will result in a watertight hull. They are similar to the 48 in design.

The ballast is lead shot and better sourced by the customer. This aspect of the build requires care as the shot is held in place with resin. As the resin cures it creates heat which can damage the gel coat so the ballast must be fitted with the model in water, using 2.5kg at a time and a "cool" mix of resin to catalyst.

The model can be built to carry a bermuda rig or a gaff rig and a model built for a gaff rig is easily converted to a bermuda rig, but not vice-versa.

I use an additional sail arm to adjust the jib slot. This does improve the speed of the model and also adds to the fun!

The 60 is a pleasure to sail, well balanced and with good manners and presence on the water. The additional jib slot control adds a bit more interest.

Peter Wiles can supply a B rig but I haven't found it necessary to use mine yet. The jib is the same as the A but the mainsail area is reduced by about 15%

A genoa version is in the planned, probably as a project for 2022 so let me know if you want more information on this version. The International Dragon and the Nottingham 60 are very similar in design so I don't anticipate that the development of a genoa version will take long but then my workshop is filled with good intentions and anticipation!!