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Hello fellow enthusiast. My name is Alan and welcome to my new, updated website.

Those of you who have visited this site before will have observed that nothing much has changed for a number of years and even I have started to feel a bit guilty about my digital inertia. I make no apologies as I assume that you will appreciate that when faced with the option of spending a day in the workshop or spending the day in front of a computer screen, the workshop wins every time. The guilt has now got the better of me and hence this new site.

As a hobby I initially set out to develop and create a kit of parts for the Canterbury J and similar Nottingham J which will enable both the novice model builder, and the experienced builder alike, to create an attractive model with good sailing manners which is also competitive and fun to race. This package, and especially the Nottingham version, has proved popular both for racing and also social sailing but since then I have developed the Nottingham 48 model further and also added the Nottingham 60 to the model range.

I've also made some changes to the kit to reflect how I now make the models for myself. I can't call these "improvements" as the behaviour of the model on the water is unchanged but I think they improve the aesthetic look of the model. They also involve a bit more "modelling" which maybe be something you are looking for...or maybe not! The model can still be built in the original way for those looking for a simpler and quicker completion of their model.

The king plank and outer plank have deeper etching allowing the model builder to use a contrasting stain along the outer plank and king plank. I now also cut the shorter channel for the jib attachment point into the deck for a flush finish and use a different mast ram but the longer channel is likely to offer the racing skipper more tuning possibilities.

The loose sheeting to both the jib and the mainsail is below the deck and the mainsail sheet uses a post between the hatches. The hatches include a bit more detail and I also offer a "lifty" to aid launch and retrieval at the lake. This fits on the deck but is secured to the ballast to avoid stressing the deck when used.

Also on this site is the new International Dragon, a logical extension to the model range and a development of the 60-inch hull. This model contains a number of innovations to model yachting and is designed from outset to carry a Genoa rig.

I've also included on the site (it's becoming more of a "blog" than a web site!) some of the J Class projects I'm working on or will be working on in the future.

The side bar to the left will navigate you to the various sections of the site and clicking on the arrows will open new pages with more detail. There is information on all the models and the various rigs together with the build manuals, racing rules (Canterbury) and a host of additional information designed primarily to help you arrive at the conclusion that your life is incomplete without a model J Class yacht…!!

Feel free to contact me on info@jclasshulls.co.uk if you have any questions. You can also phone on 07969 538626 but I'm often out of the country and calling can be expensive.