Genoa Rig

The genoa is a foresail with a foot that extends behind the mast so both the foot and the leech can't be controlled using a boom. No full sized yachts to my knowledge use a boom under the foresail and the sail is attached to the deck at the tack. This poses a number of challenges for a model, primarily linked to controlling the sail but as you might have seen elsewhere on this site I have designed a system which works in three other models and the results are very pleasing.

If you are thinking of taking this approach to the sails then the Nottingham 60 is probably the better hull to work with as there is more internal space.

I have not yet built 60 with a genoa but the International Dragon with a genoa will be tested soon and as the model is a similar size to the 60 its likely I will use a similar design.

The sheeting system itself is not difficult once you have understood the principals but it does use lots of pulleys which adds to the expense of the model.

A genoa rigged model will be more realistic than a traditional model and more engaging to sail, an experience with similarities to sailing a full sized yacht. If you want to explore the idea then get in touch.