The design originates from a competition set by the Scandinavian Sailing Association in the late 1930’s from a desire to create a yacht that was cheaper to build, could be used as a day boat and could also be raced, a boat for the people.

The first prototype was launched in late 1941 and production commenced in 1942. Wood was used for the construction being relatively cheap and widely available at the time, and the hull is built up using the clinker method. The Folkboat is a little over 25 feet overall with a beam of a little over 7 feet.

By the 1970’s wood for boat building had become more expensive both as a construction method and also as a material and the Folkboat was redesigned to be manufactured from fibreglass but retaining the clinker looks and overall dimensions. At this time the name evolves into the International Folkboat. Today most new boats are produced in fibreglass but some boats in wood continue to be made. Today the Folkboat has an international following, being widely used and raced around the world and as a testament to their rugged and practical design have been used for transatlantic crossings, even singlehanded.

The “Mini Folkboat” is a 1/8th scale R/c model measuring just under 1 Meter in length with a 30cm beam. Fully rigged she stands at 1.6 meters and weighs in at a little over 5kg. The hulls are moulded faithfully reproducing the clinker form and can be supplied in the customer’s choice of colour and sail number. The model is supplied as a “RTR”, ready to run, complete with radio transmitter and ready to sail.

Her sailing performance is excellent, mimicking her big sisters good sailing manners and as built makes an excellent "one design class" suitable for fleet racing. The model is very practical, will fit easily into the average car and is light enough to be easily handled in and out of the water. Her long keel is suited to weedy lakes where other classes get fouled.

A kit version is being considered subject to demand, watch this space.

Thanks to Alan for his support and collaboration getting the “Mini” afloat.

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