Gaff Rig

The more traditional hull design lends itself well to a traditional gaff rig but with racing heritage assures better handling and of course a model that can be sailed all year round even when weed encroaches.

A gaff rig with twin foresails is less efficient than a bermuda rig so the model can carry a greater sail area, with the foot of both sails extending over the length of the hull. This adds to the aesthetic appeal creating a model yacht which has stunning good looks but also sails well.

The hull is the same as the bermuda rigged model with the same mast position but with a slightly different sheeting arrangement to control two foresails. Its possible for the enterprising model builder to create a hull to carry a gaff rig but which is simply converted to a bermuda rig if wished. (You can of course buy two models!!)

The gaff rig sail plan has a lower centre of effort than the bermuda rig but can still become tender as wind speeds increases so the top sail can be removed which lowers the centre of effort further with the only disadvantage being that I don't think the model looks as pretty!