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Customer's Completed Boats

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This boat belongs to Terry Thorpe of the Nottingham Model Boat Club and is the first Canterbury to come onto my radar and the inspiration for the current Canterbury/Nottingham model. Thank you Terry! Note that it is a Mk 1 version with the lead bolted up to the hull and different access to the servo's. 


This is "Svea", a MK 1 hull built by Peter Haskill. Peter is a member
of the Woodley Club near Reading. 


This is "Atlantis", a MK 2 hull built by Lionel Corper, 
Lionel is also a member of the Woodley Club


This is James Pinner's J, also a Mk 2.
 James is a member of the Woodley Club. Great colour scheme!


Video Test...

J Class Deck Level

If you have some pics of your boat send them on to me!