The UK Model J Class Association

There are a surprising number of closet "J" Class enthusiasts out there who are attracted by the sleek traditional lines of the hull, the pleasure and satisfaction gained from sailing the J, and the less formal atmosphere of J class racing. We know that our boats are not as quick as an IOM but what we lack in speed we make up for with grace and style, (much as my good self as I tumble towards my mid 50's!) We are also more adaptable and able to perform in conditions which would bring the average IOM back to the bank.

There is energy and enthusiasm for a J Class Association to bring the different interests of J Class ownership together which can be summarised as general interest in the class, interest in building J Class models (of all types, not just the Canterbury J and the Nottingham J ), interest in racing the Nottingham and the Canterbury, and then talking about all of the above. (There is lots of the latter!) There are a couple of notable pockets of J Class enthusiasts, in particular Rotherham, Nottingham and Reading but from my own experience, J class models have been sent to all corners of the UK, North Scotland to southern Kent. The initial objective would be to bring all of those interested in the J Class together within one association.

The objectives would be to promote interest in the J Class model, to promote racing program and to organise social days where we can all meet up to sail generally, race, and then chat, exchange ideas and consume bacon butties! 

This is not an association exclusive to Nottingham and Canterbury ownership but one which should have appeal to all J Class enthusiasts. It could be mistaken as a marketing tool for my own product and whilst I would be pleased to sell more hulls, and I am pleased to promote the idea on this website and have some involvement, in order to maintain its own identity the association will be run by others who have no vested or other interests in J Class Hulls.     

With the kind permission of my own customers I have retained contact information and also details of the identity of their yachts but I would be pleased to hear from anyone who currently owns a Canterbury J not purchased from myself in order to create a register of Canterbury ownership in the UK. The identity number and a brief description of the yacht, and your model boat club would be useful.

I am also interested in the details of any others who are interested in the J Class design, have a  J Class model yachts and photos are always welcome!! Any information provided will remain confidential to myself and the principal officers of the Association and will only be used for social, association related business, and will not be used for marketing or sold on to other third parties.