The Excalibur

And now for something completely different.......

The Excalibur is a fast 48 inch, deep v mono hull designed for 6s Lipo and above. This set up below uses a 6hp brushless motor with a single 6s, 22 volt lipo battery and the performance is very exciting with speeds around the 50mph range. The handling with the set up is excellent and its apparent that the hull will take more power so the next stage is a high voltage speed controller and two 6s batteries in series to achieve 44 volts. but its likely that the prop size will need to be reduced.

I've recently changed the set up to 12s, 44 volts using an esc from Alien Power Systems. A much stronger rudder servo has also been required. It's frighteningly fast and I confess I don't have the skill to control it properly although the boat is still stable on the water. A friendly voice behind me did advise that I don't have to use full throttle which as a statement is factually correct but...... 
This is fun with a capital 'F', good exercise for the heart!!


This boat is an exercise in gel coat... there is no paint and the colour scheme you see, including the pinstripe, is all in the gel coat. it's unlikely that we will do another one as its time consuming and the end result is a bit heavier which will dull the performance of the boat compared to a single colour finish which is lighter. Nevertheless, the performance is still exciting with the 6s lipo and exhilarating when propelled with the 12s!!

The two pictures below illustrate how the parts are fitted into the hull. I have engineered the battery tray so that it can be moved to adjust the centre of gravity of the boat. For the 12s set up the two batteries locate either side of the propshaft.