Pricing structure.

          Nottingham 48 and Canterbury J

a) Hull:   Finished in white                              £150
                   Two tone hull                               + £25
b) Ballast and trim weight                               £45    

c) Rudder package                                             £50         

d) Below Decks wood package (inc stand)           £65  
e) Deck                                                                        £60   
f) Hatches                                                                    £50      
    The full kit includes a number of miscellaneous parts, including mast tube and rudder arm, to complete the model to deck level. The only additional major expenditures are the sail winch and rudder servo (est about £35). The deck fittings and rig (sails, mast, booms etc) will be about £160 subject to your choice of sail maker and the prices charged by them. 
g) Full build manual available as a download from this site with no charge
h) Postage and Packaging                             Price available on request but as a guide, UK is about £80, EU is about £170 and the rest of the world, including
                                                                          New Zealand and Australia about £210
Note. Costs for postage and packing includes two packages, a larger one with the hull, woodwork, rudder and fixings and a smaller one with the ballast and trim weight. This avoids the possibility of the ballast weight breaking loose and damaging other parts. Although very different in size, each package weighs approximately the same and as the cost for sending a single package is only slightly less than sending two, the saving does not justify the risk.
If you wish to avoid the cost of postage, you are welcome to collect in person by appointment.  

                                    Nottingham 60

     (prices to be confirmed but as a guide...)
a)  Hull: Finished in White                                       £250
                  Two tone hull                                          +£35
b) Rudder Pack                                                            £60
c) Below Decks Wood Package (inc stand)             £95
d) Deck                                                                          £95 
e) Hatches                                                                    £60 
f) A full build manual will become available as a download from this site in due course with no charge when the model becomes available.
g) Postage and packing costs are likely to be similar to the Nottingham 48 and Canterbury.