Future developments.

The development of the gaff rigged Nottingham 48 and the Nottingham 60 with its various rigs has been time consuming and as these two projects now have their own sections, this section is looking a bit bare. There are two future developments  on the horizon which may be of interest.

1)  Hatch kit for the Nottingham 48.
When I first designed the Nottingham 48 the feedback from potential purchasers was that they would probably want to exercise their own individuality in their model by designing their own hatch covers. Since then I have observed that many hatch covers bear a remarkable resemblance to those fitted to my own boat so I intend to produce a hatch kit along those lines. This design is waterproof and has also proved robust in use. This will be a separate package so doesn't need to be bought by the more experienced model builder however the less experienced modeller might find a hatch kit a useful addition.

2)  Small cabin cruiser/speed boat
On the drawing board is a small Huntsman-like speed boat about 30 ins long. This will be a kit of three mouldings, the hull, the deck and the cabin. There will also be a laser cut inner frame to support the deck. This design has been tried and tested in our club in Nottingham using both sub surface (traditional) drives and surface drives. The hull handles very well and can accommodate quite large power plants whilst maintaining reasonably predictable manners on the water.
My initial intention is that it will be powered by an 850 brushed motor, or brushless equivalent which will keep the cost of the completed model reasonably low but if you want more speed you only have to spend more money!! 

3) Genoa sail for the Nottingham 48.
Those of you who regularly visit this site will recall that I have wanted to develop a genoa sail for the Nottingham 48. I haven't had the time for this but I am developing a genoa for the Nottingham 60 and hope to copy this arrangement into the Nottingham 48. In the meantime, a spirited and enterprising Nottingham J Class enthusiast has built his boat with a genoa and it looks great.