Contact Me.

My name is Alan Horne. I do this because I enjoy it, not to make money, but because it is not a business I can't offer some of the services that you might expect from a business.

When you place your order I will confirm a delivery time and will normally request payment in full by cheque made payable to Alan Horne.

If it is convenient we can arrange a time for collection of the hull rather than posting. This may reduce the overall cost to you as the lead ballast is heavy (but small) and the box for the hull is big (but light)!

Email is the preferred method of contact and I will endeavour to come back to you within 24 hours.

My mobile number is 07969 538626.   If I can't answer, leave a message!


If you think that I can make improvements to my website let me know!

If you would like me to offer a link to your website then email the address and the nature of the site