J Class Yacht Hulls and Models

Hello fellow enthusiast! 
My name is Alan, and as a hobby I've been designing, prototyping and building a hull, rudder, internal beams and decking for the Canterbury J Class and similar Nottingham J Class model yacht.  There is increasing interest for the J Class as it has a shallow draft and sails through the dreaded summer weed without fouling the keel and rudder.

I have created a package of parts, supported by instructions, that will enable both the novice, and also the experienced boat builder to produce a pleasing boat which complies with the Canterbury J Class rules for racing and is also a satisfying sail on a sunny Sunday morning. The package of parts are priced separately to increase the flexibility of your build and there is plenty of scope to personalise the yacht to your own taste.
Although a racing yacht first, if you were to design a model yacht for racing it would not end up looking like the "J" but that's not the only reason for owning one. The shape of the hull is one of the most attractive you will find at the lakeside and the yacht can still make swift progress through the water with  grace and style.  

All the different elements of the rig can be individually altered to tune the craft for maximum speed and maneuverability for racing to improve the racing "challenge" but in a standard tune the yacht will perform well providing a satisfying sail from fairly neutral handling.
Please feel free to have a browse around the site, and even drop me an e-mail if you have any questions. If you click on a picture you should get an enlarged image with greater detail. 
On the side bar you will find access to the "build manual". These are updated from time to time from the experiences of both myself and customers builds. Together with the "J Class Rules" this information will be of interest to the potential builder before placing an order.
I don't get the opportunity to update the web site as often as I like, but do send me an email if you want to be notified about updates as they happen.

Please click the links on the left to read more about the hull, developments and buying one :)



   (A completed Canterbury version)              (A two tone Nottingham version)             (A traditional white Nottingham version)


                   (Access detail through deck.              (A completed hull on it's stand)                 (Beam view of the same hull
                                                                                                                                                   in traditonal white)

                                                            Clicking an image should give you an enlarged picture.

Many thanks to Matt for all his help and support in creating this web site!!



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  • Added the Nottingham 60 build manual.
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